Monday, August 17, 2009

So close to a perfect game.

Saturday night was league bowling. Cindy, Robert (Cindy's dad), Lonnie (Cindy's future bro-n-law) and I are on a team together. The past 2 weeks we have taken 5 out of 7 points each night. Saturday night, we did the same and we are now in 9th place out of 18 teams. Woohooie!
I somehow injured my right shoulder Saturday before bowling and I wasn't sure how well I would do. Apparently I did better than I had ever dreamt. I start off with a strike, 2nd frame a strike, 3rd frame another strike. Half way through the game, I began to wonder, "Could I bowl a 300 game?"
The 7th frame...strike, 8th...strike. Now I began to get really nervous. My team purposely did not mention what was happening nor did I bring it up. I did not want to jinx myself. I was beginning to get extremely nervous. The 9th frame, another strike by dumb luck, the 10th pin fell at the last second. Whew!
By now the butterflies were beginning to set in. Slightly nervous I threw my first ball in the 10th frame...strike! I was so nervous, my legs were shaking ever so slightly. Trying to relax was not helping. I threw the 2nd ball of the 10th frame....4 pins were left standing. Damn! I was so close! I was happy for the feat I had just accomplished but also disappointed at the same time. I managed to pick up the remaining pins and end with a 286.
I'm sure it will be quite a while before I come that close again but I won't forget the excitement of the night. Our team took another 5 of 7 points and hopefully our good fortune will continue next weekend.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Bryan, thanks so much for catching up with my blog and your words about my son. We've been dealing with it since December but I've been more open about it lately.

I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congratulations on the recent wedding! I met a wonderful man so maybe my wedding will be next :) Don't tell him I said that, he'd freak out. But seriously, he loves me and I love him.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

ps added your blog to my links now that I know your blogging again!

Bryan said...

Hi Barb!
Thank you for adding me to your blog links.
I thought I would never find a lady like Cindy. I am very blessed.
I am so glad you found a special man; you so deserve it!

terri said...

AWESOME score! Congratulations! My best so far is 192, but considering I haven't even bowled for a whole year, I think that's pretty good.

My co-ed team came in 17th out of 18 teams! LOL! But we had two women out of a total of four women in the entire league on our team. And all of us are newbies, so we were at a slight disadvantage. But we had a blast.

Bryan said...

Hey Terri,
Thank you for commenting. My average is 188 so a 286 was quite an accomplishment for me.
I know how it feels to be close to last place; up until this session, our team has ended up 14th-18th place. Hopefully we will continue this streak as of late. :-)

Marvin the Martian said...

And that's why I never bothered to get better at bowling, because people like YOU always take all the fun out of it. ;-))))) Last time I was bowling, my aunt-in-law's boyfriend bowled 300. He was a machine. And it seemed like even HE didn't enjoy it anymore, it's like he wasn't there, he was thinking about something else, and just bowling to pass the time. I thought it was interesting. And of course, I was envious.

Bryan said...

Lol Marv.
It was a once in a life time chance for me. I'm sure it will be quite a while before I get that close again. I do enjoy the challenge tho.
My first passion is shooting pool but bowling is a close second. I love bowling because it's something that my wife & I can do together. My son David bowled on our team for a session and now bowls on a different team but in the same league. It's a bonus that it can be a fun, family sport.