Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally Got My Transfer

Yesterday I received some good news about my job, I got a transfer to the Ocala office that will take place the end of February.
Several months when I became engaged, I requested a transfer from the Lake City office to the Ocala branch because I would be moving in with Cindy by the end of January. Since I placed the request, I had been told numerous times that there was not any positions available. This had caused Cindy to worry as the moving date approached.
I had been speaking with the director of training at the home office in Gainesville. Apparently, a few of the "big wigs" came to Danny to get his advice since there was no positions available at the moment in Ocala nor Leesburgh. Danny told the "higher-ups" that in his humble opinion, it would be crazy to let me go because of the type of employee that I am. Danny suggested that they keep me and create a position for me. They apparently agreed with Danny.
I will be a "romer" temporarily. My base will be the Ocala office and I will be traveling from the offices in Ocala, Daytona and Leesburgh; depending on where help is needed. I will continue to do this until a permanent position is available in the Leesburgh or Ocala office.
The company I work for has 21 offices in Florida and I was told this is the first time they have made this type of arrangement with someone. It was humbling that they thought so highly of me to do what they have done; a lesser company would not have went to such lengths to keep me.
It's funny sometimes how things work out. I came back to work for this company in May after being courted by the manager to work for him again. I was tired of driving to Jacksonville every day to work, so I took a big pay cut and returned. Then I meet Cindy, she steals my heart and we get it engaged. Then I make plans to move to Ocala. If I had not came back to work for them, I would not have had a job in Ocala; especially the way the economy is right now.
It's true, everything really does happen for a reason even though most of the time we don't know why.


dani c said...

Good luck with your move and transfer..

G8rBryan said...

Thank you, Dani and thanks for stopping by. :-)