Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Friday afternoon I went to Cindy's for the weekend. My oldest son, David, accompanied me.
Our Saturday was a very busy one. We had a lot of things to get taken care of for our wedding in June. First stop, Mary's Bridal in Ocala. Cindy had previously made a visit here and found the dress she wanted. We stopped in to get Cindy sized and order the dress & veil. I know it's claimed to be bad luck to see your bride in the dress before the wedding but apparently it's also bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding, with or without the bride wearing it. I don't believe in good luck or bad luck in any way at all. I believe you create your own outcome by the reaction to the events happening around you. Anyway, I really wanted to see the dress, the curiosity has been killing me. Unfortunately, I wasn't sneaky enough to get a peek at the dress so I am stuck having to wait for the wedding day.
Next was a quick stop to the tuxedo shop next door. David wanted to see the tuxedos that the groomsmen and I would wear. David is one of my groomsmen. David liked the style I picked out. Mission two accomplished.
We made a stop at the mall where Cindy picked out her shoes for the wedding dress. Cindy found the shoes she wanted but before making the purchase she said she had to test them. The test was us slow dancing for a few minutes while she was wearing them. The shoes passed the test and I didn't step on her toes.
Next was a trip to the lake & park where the wedding is taking place. Lake Lillian, in the the nearby town of Belleview. While deciding on the exact spot as to where it will take place, David asked a nightmarish question. "Will you get married under that big pavillion if it rains?", he questioned. I thought, "Oh my God, that can't happened!" I casually answered, "Yes, it's big enough for everyone". Now I gotta put "no rain" in my prayers for the next 5 months.
On to the VFW to meet with Wes and make the reservation to use their hall for the reception. The VFW's hall was perfect. They have a big kitchen with many refrigerators, stoves, microwave, plenty of tables & chairs and a stage for the band.
Our final stop was to hear the head singer of the band at the Mooselodge Saturday night. To say I was impressed with his voice would be an understatement. His name is David, also. He is a friend of Cindy's. I was really glad Cindy had the idea to hire him. I have no doubt that he will do a great job. We had only planned to stay 2 hours at the most but we enjoyed it so much that we didn't get home until almost 1 a.m.
Excitement is now setting in at a high level. The next 5 months will fly by very quickly.
Weekend mission accomplished.


Marvin the Martian said...

Lots of changes! These days will fly by, as will the years to follow. How wonderful that you get to spend them with the people that you love.

terri said...

You sneak! :-) You can't see the dress before the wedding day. Even if you don't believe in luck, it's tradition. You have to abide by the traditions. Speaking of... do you have all your bases covered with the "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" items? Hey, I'm just trying to help you out here! Really. Ask Cindy. She'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

G8rBryan said...

Hey Marvin.
I agree, it's definitely a blessing. I am very thankful.

G8rBryan said...

Hi Terri,
A sneak? Meeee? Nawww. LMAO. Got give me an "A" for effort tho, right?
As far the something old, new, barrowed, etc.....The old thing she has; that would be ME. LOL.
The blue will be her garter. I tried to get her to agree to wearing a blue & orange garter since I'm a gator fan but she said NO. (she's a seminole fan). hahaha.