Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skunk of a Day

Today seemed to start off as a long, boring day. It was cold and rainy here in north Florida. The last thing I wanted to do was spend 9 hours in the office doing menial work do to the rain. The morning went by without any problems or delays. I decided to get one more customer finished before lunch. When I arrived is when my day got interesting.

My customer owned a farm that rescued animals. The primary animal was skunks.....that's right, skunks. She has 32 skunks living in her home. Not outside with the horses, alligators, raccoons and opossums that they has rescued but inside her home. Needless to say this service was aanything but routine. I learned a lot about skunks today. First and foremost, they are very curious animals and very friendly animals. One skunk named, Annie, followed me from room to room throughout the house. When I finished treating the home, I asked if I could pet a few of them and take a couple of pictures. She said, "sure".
As soon as I knelt down on one knee in the skunk room, I was quickly surrounded by those 32 skunks who wanted to play and be petted. Four or five immediately found their way on my lap. I probably spent 20 minutes playing with them. Afterall, how often do you get a chance to pet a skunk?
Several skunks were up for adoption; which intrigued me.
I called Cindy cuz I wanted a skunk.
"Hi baby, can I have a skunk?"......"A what?", Cindy asked as if she heard me wrong. "A skunk, can I have a skunk?"......."Ewwwwwwwwww! NO!", she quickly responded almost instinctively.
It's probably best that Cindy said no. Their diet is very expensive; they can't just eat dog or cat food. They require fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. They eat better than I do.


Robin said...

The 2'nd skunk pic is really cute. Who would have thought skunks would be friendly and loveable? Nice blog you have here.

G8rBryan said...

Hello Robin,
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. The skunks were really cool. I think it would be neat to have one as a pet.