Monday, January 19, 2009

Got Our 4th Team Member

My son, David is 18 (where does the time go?). This past weekend David went with me to Cindy's for the weekend. I was very glad he did because he got to know Cindy a lot better. My other kids have been around Cindy quite a bit and they love her to pieces. They call her, "Mama Cindy". I thought this was really great. David on the other hand had only been around Cindy twice and it wasn't for very long.
David spent Saturday with us running around doing our wedding preparations. Sunday, Cindy, David & I went bowling together. We had a great time together. Lots of laughs, jokes and fooling around. David was very impressive bowling to both Cindy & myself. After 4 games of bowling, Cindy asked David would he like to bowl on our team. We need a 4th person very badly. Our team finished last session in 6th place out of 8. What killed us was having a vacant spot on our team. David did not hesitate in saying yes.
I'm excited about having the opportunity to spend more time with David. After David reached the age 17, he had the notion that he had to walk around with a "chip on his shoulder". In the past year David has matured tremendously. The wedge that was coming between us is no longer there. I'm glad to have my son back. Watching him grow into a mature, responsible adult is the best present a father can ever ask for.
By the way, David now calls Cindy, "Mama Cindy".


terri said...

That's excellent that you've found a way to spend quality time with your son. I'm sure he'll appreciate the fact that this will help him to get to know Cindy in a fun environment. Sounds like he came full circle very quickly to have matured so much by the time he turned 18. Good job, Dad!

G8rBryan said...

Thank you, Terri.
I am very proud of him & excited that we get some quality time together.